The Importance of Weather Stripping

As your garage door ages, it can develop small cracks and openings. These small spaces can have major effects on your home, even though they may not seem like much. Failing to take the proper step to secure these areas can leave your home vulnerable to insects, rodents and the elements.

Luckily though, there is one simple garage door service in McDonough, GA that can protect your home from these attackers: weather stripping. Adding weather stripping to your garage door is an easy, yet incredibly valuable way to combat these issues.

What is weather stripping?

Weather stripping is typically added to the bottom of your garage door to prevent the passage of air and vermin. While each material option has both pros and cons, weather stripping is usually made out of one of the following materials:

  • Sponge or foam: Felt is another inexpensive option, but it may not stand up well to water damage. Felt is more suited for a back door rather than a garage door as moisture can render it essentially useless.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is not only cost effective, but also incredibly durable. Despite being a bit more expensive than felt, vinyl is worth the added cost as it provides a strong seal. Plus, it tends to last longer as it is resistant to moisture.

Either material will work to prevent the infiltration of air around the sides of the garage doors. Taking this simple step can also help to lower your energy bill by trapping the cool air inside of your home instead of letting it leak outside. Weather stripping will also assist in keeping insects and rodents outside of your home. After installing weather stripping you may even want to consider cutting down on pest control!

Is weather stripping important?

Weather stripping is one of the best defenses your home has. Air leaks can result in a huge loss of your home’s heating and cooling, which results in quite a lot of wasted energy and extremely high utility bills.

While most people know that weather proofing your home against the elements is important in winter months, it is actually crucial all year long. The warm air leaving your home can dampen the insulation and will become much less effective. As a result, your home will lose even more temperature controlled air than before. Whether the air conditioning is blasting or the heater is set on high, weather stripping is the best way to keep your garage at the temperature on the thermostat.

Should I hire a professional?

Weather stripping is one home improvement project that truly pays for itself—this benefits will be obvious when you see your next electric bill. Weather stripping is a simple way to save money, but it is best to leave this one to the professionals. Contact a technician at Affordable Dock & Door today to ensure the job is done correctly. Schedule this garage door service in McDonough, GA by April 15 to save 25 percent off the installation cost!

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