Tips to Help You Avoid Having to Make Repairs to Your Dock Leveler in McDonough, GA

Whenever you use dock levelers for your loading and unloading processes at your facility, it’s important to make sure you do so as safely as possible. Safely operating the machinery will not only prevent you from sustaining some significant injuries, but it will also prevent you from damaging the machinery to the point where you’ll need to make some repairs that would not have been necessary had you simply followed the proper precautions in the first place.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your dock leveler in McDonough, GA safe so you can avoid having to pay for costly repairs.

Always give forklift operators a spotter

Sometimes it can be hard for people operating a forklift to see where the truck meets the dock leveler, or the end of the dock itself. Therefore, you should always assign someone to be on spotter duty when the forklift is in use—this will help the forklift driver more accurately bring the load to its intended destination. This will also drastically reduce the risk of driving the forklift off the edge of the dock leveler. Spotters are also a crucial part of forklift operation in that they will make it easier for the operator to bring the load to the correct heights so they get past obstacles and overhead obstructions.

Engage in regular preventative maintenance

As with any type of machinery, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping your dock leveler in good operating condition for years to come. If you do not keep your dock leveler maintained properly, you could have some serious accidents that you could have avoided by staying on top of your preventative maintenance. So if, for example, you see that some chunks of concrete are gone from the deck area, you should fix the problem immediately to provide a smooth surface for balanced load movement. If your dock leveler has a mechanical lift, make sure you get professional service at regular intervals and that the moving parts are properly lubricated.

Add some handy accessories

There are some types of accessories you can add to your dock leveler to make it safer to use. For example, using bumpers on the ends and setting up some mirrors in helpful places will be of great assistance to operators when backing up for loading and unloading. Chocks can also be made available to drivers who need to park a truck, and trailer locks can be an effective means of preventing any movement while the vehicle is in place.

Get people out of the way

During loading and unloading processes, make sure you keep everyone at a distance. Only the spotter and the vehicle operator should be anywhere near the load. Not only will this prevent any injuries from occurring, but it will also prevent distractions that could result in damage to the vehicle or to the surroundings in the facility.

For more information about avoiding unnecessary repairs to your dock leveler in McDonough, GA, contact Affordable Dock & Door today.

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