Tips for Preventative Maintenance for Your Dock Leveler in McDonough, GA

Like with any piece of machinery, your dock leveler in McDonough, GA should be put through some preventative maintenance at regular intervals to keep it operating at optimal efficiency for years into the future. The frequency with which you seek preventative maintenance for your system will vary depending on its usage, size and type, but you should always make sure to hire a trusted professional to come in and perform an inspection and make any necessary maintenance repairs.

Here are some of the preventative maintenance tasks you can expect a professional to perform when you get service on your dock leveler in McDonough, GA:

  • Cleaning: Technicians will thoroughly clean out all your dock equipment and components to make sure the dirt and debris inside of them don’t end up clogging up parts while they’re working, which can cause premature wear and tear and the need for some expensive repairs and part replacements. A clean machine and parts makes for a longer lifespan and a generally more efficient machine and workplace.
  • Adjustments: Professional dock leveler technicians will adjust equipment so it works as efficiently as possible. Machines that do not have the proper adjustments will be inefficient and potentially hazardous. Your technician will analyze every necessary component of the machine and make any adjustments necessary to ensure it works as smoothly and consistently as possible with each use.
  • Inspections: Technicians will carefully inspect every element of your dock equipment and bring any small problems that might exist to your attention so you can resolve them before they become larger, more expensive issues. Your technician will then be able to recommend the steps you should take moving forward to prevent the problems from worsening, and also provide you with a solid maintenance plan you can follow in the future to prevent such problems from occurring at all.
  • Lubrication: Technicians will apply lubricants to all the necessary places in your equipment to make sure it functions smoothly and efficiently. Proper lubrication practices will help you to drastically cut downtime, as the components that are properly lubricated will have some extra protections against corrosion, moisture and general wear and tear.
  • Documentation: Professional maintenance providers for your dock equipment will conclude their appointment with you by providing documentation that shows what service work was performed and to outline any potential problem areas. This keeps you from having to remember all the information your technician tells you, and also gives you a clear point of reference for the steps you’ll need to take with maintenance for your system moving forward.

We strongly recommend you reach out to a dock leveler service provider to establish a relationship now if you don’t already have a trusted technician—even if you don’t need service now, getting in contact gives you an opportunity to learn about the services and to figure out the benefits a provider offers when you create a maintenance plan with them.

Contact Affordable Dock & Door today for more information about preventative maintenance for your dock leveler in McDonough, GA.

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