Understanding the Different Types of Dock Levelers in McDonough, GA

When it comes to dock leveler installation for your facility, the demand, weight and type of your company’s loading and unloading traffic will determine which leveler type is right for your business. There are multiple options to choose from, and having the right information about each type can help you make the best selection for your warehouse. Follow along with this guide to learn more about some of the most common types of dock leveler in McDonough, GA, as well as their primary functions and benefits:

  • Air powered: Air-powered dock levelers are simple in design and are relatively easy to maintain, and as a result are common in many warehouses. The air bag technology and push-button control make operation straightforward, and these dock levelers come with minimal maintenance and ownership costs.
  • Hydraulic: If your company has a high-traffic warehouse, you will need an industrial strength dock leveler that can handle this large workload while maintaining efficiency. The closed loop hydraulic design of these levelers is still simple enough in operation, but has the capability to handle heavy-duty loads frequently with push-button maneuvering for ease of use.
  • Mechanical and edge of dock levelers: These dock leveler options are for smaller facilities that won’t be handling large enough loads consistently enough to warrant one of the more high-powered options. Mechanical levelers are operated manually by warehouse workers, and are engaged with a pull chain for lifting and lowering. An edge of dock leveler is a similarly economical option, as no pit is needed for installation. These units are mounted right to the edge of the dock in place of portable plates, making them cheaper to install than many other dock leveling options.
  • Solar powered: If your dock location doesn’t have access to an electrical connection, solar powered levelers could be the solution. These types of levelers function solely on solar power during the day, and use power stored on the rechargeable battery at night. In addition to being easy to operate, solar powered dock levelers are also great for the energy efficiency of your entire facility.
  • Vertical storing: A dock leveler that also serves as a barrier to the outside can have several advantages. If your warehouse is climate controlled or you want to minimize the amount of warm and cold air transfer to improve your building’s energy efficiency, dock levelers that rise up vertically inside the dock door when not in use are a great solution. These types of levelers also make it much easier to clean your dock.

To learn more about your options for dock levelers in McDonough, GA, give us a call at Affordable Dock & Door. We have made it a point over the past 20-plus years to provide all of our residential and commercial customers with the highest level of workmanship and quality, ensuring that your dock is both safe and efficient. For more information about the dock leveler options available to your business, make sure you give us a call today.

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