What Is a Loading Dock Leveler?

A loading dock leveler is a vital piece of equipment. That’s because the connecting point between a facility and most transportation vehicles stands at unequal heights. The dock leveler is an effective way to bridge the gap and make it possible to pass from the truck to the dock or warehouse floor. In most cases, loading dock levelers are mounted on the dock or recessed into an area near the dock door.

Loading dock levelers are a necessity if you’re hoping to get business done safely and efficiently. That means you’ll need the right leveler that’s installed and maintained properly. Getting the best loading dock services in McDonough, GA means a reduced risk in damages, injuries and maintenance.

Types of loading dock levelers

Each loading dock leveler contains several components that perform a variety of functions. The activation system is how the dock is raised and lowered. The capacity refers to the load a dock leveler can handle. Familiarizing yourself with these terms will help when selecting a dock leveler.

Let’s take a look at the main types of loading dock levelers. Which one you choose will depend on your business’s needs, your budget and the setup of your space:

  • Air-powered levelers: These are an environmentally-friendly option that utilize a high-volume, low-pressure air system for raising and lowering the platform. All it takes is a push of a button to raise the leveler and open the lip. This option means minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Mechanical dock levelers: These are powered by mechanical spring systems that run without any electrical power. While these are the least expensive to purchase, the problem is that they often require more maintenance and service over the long run.
  • Hydraulic dock levelers: These are versatile machines that use hydraulics to raise and lower the deck. One part of the system handles this movement, while another powers lip operation. These can be expensive to purchase, but they’re also more useful and less expensive to maintain over the long term than other options.
  • Vertical storage levelers: These are the best choice for businesses that require intensive environmental control, like food services. These can be stored away vertically when they are not in use. They are usually activated using hydraulics.

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