What to Do When Your Loading Docks Get Stuck in Place

You have a full load of shipments to handle before the end of the day, and your loading dock door is stuck—what should you do? Do you need to call a dock repair service in McDonough, GA? Possibly, but there are a few things you can try first.

If your dock door gets stuck in place, use the following troubleshooting tips to see if you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself. Several common issues cause this problem, so it might be an easy repair. If you are unable to determine the issue or repair it, contact your local dock repair service in McDonough, GA for additional assistance:

  • Check the power: A common reason that a dock door is no longer moving is that it has no power. Check the main power supply, as well as the connections and switches on the door. If you discover the power is on but there are frayed or damaged connections, turn off the power completely and contact a dock repair service in McDonough, GA for immediate repairs.
  • Consider the motor: How old is the motor on your dock door? If it is failing or has failed, your door may become stuck in place. If you are not experienced with commercial doors and their motors, it can be difficult to assess their status. If you suspect this is the issue, consult with your local dock repair service in McDonough, GA to determine if you need a new motor.
  • Clean it: Dust, rust, and dirt can obstruct the path of a dock door. Try cleaning the track and ensuring there is no debris that could be preventing proper operation of the door. Regular maintenance of your docks can help prevent this problem from occurring in the future.
  • Correct the tracks: A dock door may not be operating because it has run off its tracks. This problem can be difficult to correct without knowledge of commercial door repair. If this seems to be the problem, you may want to contact a dock repair service in McDonough, GA.
  • Calm it down: Your door may be stuck because it doesn’t have enough lubrication. Create calm, smooth operations by adding the appropriate lubricant to the door’s parts. This often loosens the door and restores snag-free operation.
  • Change parts: Dock doors have several moving parts. These components can wear out over time and eventually cause the door to get stuck in place. Look at the spring and other moving parts to determine if anything looks broken or out of place. If you are unable to replace these parts yourself, call for back up from a professional.

A broken dock door can result in lost business, frustration and injury if not handled properly. If you need assistance with your stuck door, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Affordable Dock & Door. Our experienced team can help you quickly assess the situation and determine the best solution. Reach out to us today for the best dock repair service in McDonough, GA.

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