Why Is My Garage Door Opening on Its Own?

When your garage door is opening by itself, the explanation may seem simple: ghosts. After all, spirits have long haunted the places where we store our automobiles, spare lawnmower parts and busted children’s toys. You may be dealing with this problem for years to come, as exorcists have not yet mastered the art of taming these dark souls.

Fortunately, the real issues with garage doors are typically much more straightforward and can be fixed by experts in garage door repair in McDonough, GA. If your garage door is opening whenever it feels like it, there may be a few possible reasons why this is the case:

  • An electrical short: Garage doors opening on their own are almost always caused by some kind of electrical issue. This could be in the circuit board or wiring in the wall button or wired keypad. Some older models of garage doors typically have this issue due to a malfunctioning circuit board. Bringing in a trained technician to check the wiring is a smart idea to ensure your garage door works long into the future.
  • Problems with the remote: Sometimes issues with the remote transmitter can cause the garage door to open and shut randomly. This includes worn-out batteries and defective units that send out signals arbitrarily. It’s also possible that a spare remote in a drawer or closet is being pressed by other nearby items. It’s unlikely that it’s a neighbor’s garage door opener, as modern models have codes that change continuously.
  • Outside interference: Have you ever been listening to the radio and heard the whisper of another station or frequency in the background? The same sort of thing happens with your garage door opener. For example, a CB radio or radio station near your house can disrupt the signal. A military base close by using the same electrical frequency could also have an effect. Even thunderstorms are liable to wreak havoc on electrical systems, causing surges and damaging components.

You may want to try a few things to see if they fix the problem. For example, you can change the code on the garage door opener. It’s also possible a stuck button on a wall-mounted opener or a spare remote is the root of the issue. Flipping the switches on the breaker connected to the garage door opener might also work.

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