Top Reasons Why the Garage Door Isn’t Working

No one really wants to think about their garage door—they just want it to work. When you’re heading out the door on Monday morning, the last thing you need is for the garage door to get stuck. You want it fixed fast and at a reasonable price.

Luckily, a trained technician can usually fix your garage door in no time. Professional garage door repair in McDonough, GA can quickly get your situation resolved without the cost and hassle associated with replacements. Let’s take a look at the leading reasons why the garage door might not be working:

  • Transmitter problems: One issue is that the garage door transmitters need to work properly. If the batteries are dead, or if you’re out of range of the transmitters, then the garage door isn’t going to open. If the button on the garage door still works but the transmitter in the car doesn’t, it’s likely an issue that can be fixed with a simple battery replacement. This involves sliding the back door on the transmitter open, removing the battery and replacing it with a new one.
  • Photo eye: There are two photo eyes on either side of the garage door that prevent the door from closing if there’s any obstruction. This is a safety measure intended to protect any car or any person from being struck by the garage door. The issue is that over time, the photo eyes may become dirty, causing the light beam to be blocked. If the door opens with no problem, but then won’t close, check out the photo eyes to see if they need cleaning.
  • Tension spring: If it isn’t the photo eyes or the transmitter, another possibility is malfunctioning tension springs. A tension spring breaking is very noticeable—it’s a very loud sound that’s similar to firecrackers. The tension springs do the heavy lifting of opening the garage door. If they’re broken, the door may not open at all. This problem will require an experienced technician to resolve.
  • Limit settings: If the garage door closes but then immediately goes back up, it means the limit settings on the garage door opener need to be reset. The limit range informs the garage door opener how far the door needs to move in order for it to close. Leave the settings on too high, and the door will keep moving even after it’s closed. Find the knob or dial in your garage to fix the issue.

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