Why Is My Garage Door Remote in McDonough, GA Not Working?

Garage door remote controls are one of those technologies that are supposed to make our lives easier—and mostly, they do. Because remotes open and close our garage doors automatically at the click of a button, they offer the type of convenience that lets us remain in our vehicles during hot summer days, terrible thunderstorms or cold winter nights without having to get out to open or close the garage door.

But as helpful as garage door remote technology is, it sometimes lets us down. Without further ado, here are a few of the more common problems you can run into with your garage door remote in McDonough, GA, as well as soon troubleshooting suggestions:

  • The wall switch works, but the door remote doesn’t: Typically, there’s a remote control to keep in your vehicle and a wall-mounted control switch in the garage. If the wall switch is working, but the door remote isn’t, check and change the batteries if necessary, and check all internal electrical connections. The problem might be with the safety sensors if everything inside the remote looks fine. Clean the photo eye sensor, which is located a few inches off the ground to the side of the door, and make sure no obstructions are in the way of the sensor beam.
  • The remote only works up close: A door remote that only works up close could mean the batteries are low on juice, or any other number of possibilities. Start simple—remove the batteries, clean the electrical connections inside and replace them with new batteries. If this doesn’t work, but you can still open the door when up close, your remote signal could be crossing with a neighbor’s. In this case, switching to a different megahertz remote could fix the problem.
  • The remote’s batteries are new, but the door won’t open: A remote that is set to the right frequency with new batteries and no electrical issues might not be the problem—it could be the garage door opener. Make sure the opener is plugged in, and check for blown fuses or a tripped circuit breaker. If this all looks good, you’ll need to call a pro for service.
  • The weather seems to impact remote function: Sometimes you’ll find that your remote only works in cold or warm weather; this is a sign of problems with the infrared safety sensors running along the bottom of the door. Try holding down the wall switch to override the safety. If this works, the sensors are out of alignment due to the steel around the sensors expanding or contracting during weather changes. This might be remedied by unplugging the opener and then plugging it back in.

A working garage door remote in McDonough, GA is important for people who use a garage to park their vehicles. It lets you open and close the door from the convenience of the inside of your car so you don’t have to exit the vehicle to manually operate it, which is why you should look into fixing the problem sooner rather than later. For answers to your questions, or to schedule a garage door service, contact the team at Affordable Dock & Door today!

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