Winterizing Your Garage Door Installation in McDonough, GA

We do a lot to make sure our homes are prepped for the winter months ahead, but there’s inevitably something we’re going to forget. And, come the middle of winter—at the most inopportune time—is when we usually realize what we forgot to do.

In the case of winter prep regarding your garage door, experiencing issues in the midst of the season can be very problematic. Often, forgetting to address any one single aspect of your door when winterizing it can lead to problems such as:

  • Problems with the door’s ability to raise and lower smoothly.
  • Issues with sensors not lining up or detecting obstructions that aren’t really there.
  • Issues with the remote in your vehicle not opening or closing the door.
  • Cold temperatures causing frost or snow to form inside of your garage.

All of the above problems might seem trivial, but when they’re happening to you in the dead of winter, you might appreciate a little more forethought to preventing them from occurring in the first place! Take a look at some of the things you can do in regards to garage door winterization, to save yourself the hassle of emergency garage door repairs in McDonough, GA:

  • Check the weather stripping around your garage door to make sure it’s a) completely intact and b) able to create and hold a seal when your garage door is lowered. Weather stripping is your first line of defense against those invisible gusts of wind that can blow into your garage and will help the garage preserve a temperature that’s acceptable. Weather stripping will also seal up your garage against oncoming precipitation that might be blown under the door by raging winds.
  • Go through the gamut of routine maintenance before the winter season starts and be sure to address all facets of maintenance thoroughly. This means lubricating moving parts, testing electrical and batteries, checking safety systems and more—this will deter problems from developing when operation might be harder for the door due to cold temperatures or inclement weather.
  • Is your garage insulated? If so, check the insulation to make sure it’s ready to stand up to another shifting season—if not, have a garage door contractor out to give you an estimate on insulating your garage. Insulation will help to keep the creeping cold out of your garage, which can make things easier on your door when it comes to daily opening and closing.
  • Finally, have a pro thoroughly inspect your door and make recommendations about any services it might need. Remember, this is purely preventative—it’ll cost you a nominal fee for the inspection and you’ll receive a quote on potential services. This will allow you to assess what your door needs and realize the costs before they develop into malfunctions that require emergency garage door repairs in McDonough, GA.

Having problems erupt in the middle of winter is unfortunate in any case, but when they’re problems with your garage door, it can make for a major headache. Safe on the right side of garage door maintenance by taking into account the things above!

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