You Just Backed Into Your Garage Door—Now What? Advice From Your Garage Door Service in McDonough, GA

It can occasionally happen to even the most experienced drivers: a careless mistake, unexpected mishap or startling occurrence can lead you to accidentally back your car into your garage door as you are pulling out of your driveway. While this is obviously a big inconvenience, it does not have to be an overly stressful situation from start to finish. As your garage door service in McDonough, GA, we have put together this handy guide to answer any questions you might have immediately following the accident. If you follow this advice, you should get through this relatively easily.

Should I try and fix it myself?

It’s understandable that you would want to minimize cost by trying to fix your garage door yourself, especially if you are fairly handy. But a damaged garage door can be dangerous and unpredictable: cables can snap, springs could give out and before you know it your garage door could be falling off and landing on you.

Given the size and weight of the average garage door, you probably don’t want to risk anything. Instead, get in touch with your local garage door service in McDonough, GA.

What if my garage door is partially open?

If the damage has rendered your garage door stuck in a partially open position, then obviously your home is in a potentially dangerous situation. You can try to gently pull it down, which might work. But remember not to use too much force, as this can easily strain your cables and cause more extensive damage.

If your garage door is stuck open and nobody at your house is able to stay home and guard it, it might be time to consider calling for emergency service.

How much will this cost me?

Understandably, most homeowners’ first reaction when something like this happens is to worry about how much this will end up costing them. While you will certainly ending up paying something for the repairs, it might not be as devastating as you think.

If you only caused light dents, then the damage might only run you a couple hundred dollars. If the damage is considerably more extensive, then it might be time to go ahead and replace your garage door, which can be far less expensive than you might expect.

Should I call my homeowner’s insurance agency?

When accident like this occurs, calling your homeowner’s insurance agency for help is usually the responsible thing to do. But in this scenario, it really depends on how bad the damage is. If the repairs are only going to cost you a couple hundred dollars, then getting your insurance company involved might not be worth it, as you could end up having to pay more than that in increased monthly insurance payments.

To avoid this problem, try getting a quote from a trusted garage door service in McDonough, GA before contacting your insurance agent. If you do not know which garage door service to trust with the job, you might want to consider Affordable Dock & Door. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to help get you out of this stressful situation quickly and effectively.

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