Your Checklist for Rollup Door Inspections

If you have a garage with an overhead rollup door, you should make sure to prioritize regular inspections. Ongoing preventative maintenance is crucial for efficient and consistent operation—even if there’s nothing obviously wrong with your garage doors, having them inspected by professionals at regular intervals is the best way to make sure that continues to be the case.

Rollup door inspections in McDonough, GA are the most crucial component of safe operation of your equipment and ensuring its longevity. Without inspections, it’s unlikely you will find the small warning signs of potentially larger issues, which will result in them growing larger and more expensive to repair.

While it’s always in your best interest to work with a professional, as they’ll be more likely to uncover any potential issues with your garage door equipment, you can also perform at least some aspects of the inspection yourself. Here’s a quick overview of the items you should include on your inspection checklist:

  • Alignment: Check the alignment of the door to make sure it stays even when it goes up and down. Poor alignment could result in damage to the tracks, or an improper seal when the door is closed.
  • Rollers and bearings: Check all of the rollers and bearings on the garage door system to make sure they are clean and that they have the proper levels of lubrication to ensure smooth operation. Add lubrication as necessary.
  • Springs: Check all the springs to make sure they’re securely mounted, and clean as necessary. In general, though, it’s best to leave anything involving the springs to the professionals, as they can become extremely dangerous if you do not know how to check and test them.
  • Hardware: Check all hinges and hardware on the system to make sure they’re properly secured in place and still operate as intended.
  • Weatherstripping: Check all weatherstripping on the garage door, usually located along the bottom (but also perhaps on the sides), for signs of wear or damage. Replace the weatherstripping as needed to ensure you maintain a good seal and protection against the outdoor elements.
  • Cables, drums and locks: Carefully inspect all cables, drums and locks to make sure they’re in good operating condition. Clean them as needed.
  • Track components: Check all track components, including belts, chains, sprockets and brakes. Make sure they are in good condition, and clean or replace as needed.
  • Other parts: Check any other parts on the door to ensure they are working properly, and replace them when necessary.
  • Door exterior: Take a closer look at the exterior of the garage door. Make sure it’s in good condition. If it’s getting beat up and showing signs of significant wear, it may be time for you to consider a replacement.

This is just a selection of the most important checks for you to make when performing a rollup door inspection. For more overhead door inspection tips in McDonough, GA, we encourage you to contact the garage door repair and replacement experts at Affordable Dock & Door.

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