Currently Installing Garage Door Openers in McDonough, GA for $325!

From the outside, a garage door appears easy to maintain, and it can be—but only if you perform regular maintenance and are aware of the many components that work together to make it open and close correctly. Since garage door opener trouble is undesired regardless of the season, it’s good to pinpoint possible issues as soon as you can so you can fix whatever the matter may be—especially when you want to keep the outside elements where they belong.

With that being said, make sure you start the New Year off right with a properly working residential garage door opener—contact the expert installation team at Affordable Dock & Door and ask about our $325 garage door installation special!

Here are a few signs that garage door openers in McDonough, GA may need replacing.

Garage door opener is unusually noisy

Has your garage door been struggling to open and close lately? Although weather could have something to do with a suddenly squeaky garage door, what’s likely going on is that your garage door opener is about to go out or it is damaged. But while strange sounds do raise all sorts of big red flags that may point toward the need for repairs or a full motor replacement, it’s always a good idea to have an expert look it over first.

Garage door will not open

Having a garage is a great thing, and a convenience for many homeowners. It is a place to park your car away from the elements, a room to store extra household stuff and another way for you to get into your house. So when your garage door won’t open, it can throw a serious wrench in your day! The first thing you should do is check the opener batteries, then check the springs to see if there is any breakage. If those look fine, check whether the light on the opener is on, and listen for sounds when you activate the remote control. You may need a replacement opener if you hear the motor but the door is not actually opening.

Garage door doesn’t work all the time

Does your door seem moody lately? Do you suspect it might be possessed? Just as you would replace the remote control batteries or check for spring damage when the garage door does not open or close, do the same if the door is only working intermittently. You could also need a new garage door installation or repairs if the door opens and closes on its own without someone pressing the button.

Don’t leave the inside of your garage and your home at the mercy of a busted garage door that won’t close. If you recognize one or more of the aforementioned signs pointing to the need for new garage door opener replacement, then call today to schedule a professional assessment. Right now at Affordable Dock & Door, we are running a $325 installation special for garage door openers in McDonough, GA! Contact us soon for more information.

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