Take Advantage of Our $59 Door Tune-up Special Until January 1!

Winter is fast approaching, so now is the time to make sure your home is properly sealed up for optimal energy savings. But remember, there are other areas around your home where warm indoor air can escape besides windows and exterior doors—such as your garage door. With this in mind, here are some signs that you should let the experts at Affordable Dock & Door provide garage door service in McDonough, GA to replace the weather stripping as part of our $59 door tune-up before the start of the new year!

Water is getting in

The rubber seals that line your garage door must be in good condition at all times if the outdoor elements are to stay outside. However, you may not be aware there are issues until the cold weather sets in and winter starts pouring in through cracked garage door seals. If improperly installed or damaged, snow, rain and melting snow touching your door seals can easily seep through, causing problems like moisture buildup, general water damage to door components or damage to items stored inside your garage.

Garage door is damaged

There are all sorts of ways a garage door can get damaged, such as through big dents from bicycles, car bumper taps and even falling doors. Sure, you might be able to push a dent out, but that may not be the only damage made upon impact. Garage door weather stripping malfunction could be caused by the initial physical damage, meaning winter snow, rain and wind are likely to get through. To avoid this, consider consulting a professional to inspect the door seals for cracks or loosening.

Rubber pieces litter the ground

The cold, dry winter weather can take a toll on all the weather stripping around your home—especially around the garage door. And not only can this winter dryness eventually make weather stripping material so weak that it cracks and breaks apart, but it can be weakened just enough to be ineffective at providing your garage and home with the insulation necessary to protect against the cold.

It’s freezing inside the garage

Whether your garage door has insulated panels or is merely equipped with weather stripping, you must ensure that the cold winter weather is indeed staying outside. When the door is all the way down, it should not be freezing inside the garage itself. This can lead to low temperatures seeping into the main house, as well as the intruding chilly air neutralizing the effects of the warm air produced by the heater. In this case, you are likely to have a difficult time warming up your house and will probably see an increase in your heating bills.

It’s not too late to seal out the cold! When you let the team at Affordable Dock & Door visit your home for garage door service in McDonough, GA for weather seal efficiency, you can rest assured that your garage and home will remain warm this winter. Call us today to take advantage of our $59 garage door tune-up service special, now until January 1!

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