Design Your Perfect Garage Door Today!

Whether you’ve just got the keys to your new home or are looking to change things up a bit in the place you’ve owned for years, residential garage door sales in McDonough, GA are standing by. They are ready to help you find the right garage door to fit your needs, your budget and your sense of style! All it takes are a few essential steps to visualize the door that you want from your home, and the experts can take it from there to make it happen. Take a few minutes to visualize the perfect garage door and the rest will be easy.

Width and size

The first part of designing the garage door comes from the width of the garage. One car width or two car widths are the obvious choices, but some garages might have variations. Older garages might have enough space for two cars but have separate garage doors that open. A bigger garage usually takes a two-car door, but a smaller opening might allow you to turn the excess space into a storage area. Making your garage work for you means knowing how best you’ll use the space the door allows access.

Styles and materials

Modern garage doors come in a variety of styles. Raised panels stick out from the door. Recessed panels offer a step of shade back. Flush panels provide an excellent if basic look. Carriage panels provide a classic pattern that fits well with older houses. HD fiberglass provides the advantages of modern building techniques.

Take a moment to consider the panel design of your garage. While recessed panels won’t offer many variations, the panels you picked in the last step will have a few choices to make to further distinguish your garage door. Other styles provides different panel variations that can further give your garage a one of a kind look that stands out in your neighborhood.

Color and patterns

The easiest way to customize a garage door is through the color. White is the most traditional selection, but many companies offer different hues to match up more closely with the colors on the outside of the house. Picking a bright color offers a chance to accent your home with a bit of modern flair. Picking a muted color delivers a dash of color while still keeping things subtle enough not to draw too much attention from the rest of your home. No matter what the color, this is the final step before making your vision a reality.

Putting it all together

Now that you’ve got the perfect garage door in mind, it’s time to contact someone in residential garage door sales in McDonough, GA. It’s your home and you deserve to make sure that every part of it looks the way you pictured in your dreams. Thanks to modern technology and flexible design, the right door is just a few clicks away and once it’s in place on your home, you’ll be happy you took the time to personalize this stand-out part of your home.

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