Essential Fire Door Service in McDonough, GA

Every building has fire doors to protect the people working inside. These doors help contain fires that might break out and allow safe routes of escape when the alarms go off. Though inspectors come through every year and owners often hire contractors for fire door service in McDonough, GA, everyone on site can take a few moments to make sure that the fire doors in their building are operating properly. A few checks of the frame, the door and the hinges are all that’s required to ensure everything will be fine when the fire inspectors come calling.

Frame inspection is key

The most important element of a fire door’s frame is making sure it seals tightly. Make sure that the gap between the frame and the door is consistent. Since fire doors are heavier, they should also be firmly attached to the wall. Anything attached to the frame, such as a planted doorstop or an automatic closer should be properly secured and installed on the frame.

Anything not attached securely to the frame can impede the easy operation of the door. When fire strikes, a fire door needs to be able to open and close consistently without worrying about jamming up. The frame also helps make sure the door latch closes and locks properly to ensure a building’s security.

Seals and signage are important too

Anything attached to the door must be firmly attached as well. This means simple things like signage or decor or important elements like the seals around the outside of the door. even with the protective seals, fire doors should be able to open smoothly and evenly. Damaged seals should be replaced as soon as they are discovered to make sure the fire door stays within code for the next inspection. Signs should be carefully attached in ways that they won’t come free during operation of the door or cause blockages during a disaster scenario.

Hinges keep the whole things together

No door is complete without hinges. Fire doors require a minimum of three hinges with properly fitted screws. Correctly sized screws mean hinges that won’t bend, wobble or break in times of stress. Hinges should also be free of metal fragments and leaking lubricant, which are signs of improper installation. They also should not have any packing material attached. Well-placed hinges also make sure that the door closer and latch line up for a proper seal, both against fire and unauthorized personnel sneaking in through the back door!

These first steps can help to make sure that your fire door is ready to protect you in case disaster strikes. If everything checks out here, you are well on your way to having fire doors that serve their purpose as safety devices. If you have any trouble confirming the items listed here, seek our fire door service in McDonough, GA as soon as possible. Experts are ready to check out your facility to make sure it’s a safe environment for you, your employees and all the hard work you do together to make products that you love.

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