How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door Openers

Modern garage doors make it very easy to run errands or go on trips without the hassle of manually opening and closing the garage door every time you want to leave the house, but they also need maintenance to stay in good working condition. There are a lot of things that can impact the performance of garage door openers, including changes in the weather. Keep reading to learn about the effects of cold weather on garage door openers in McDonough, GA and find out how to keep your garage door protected.

Effects of cold weather on garage door openers

Cold weather can affect garage doors in many different ways. Understanding some of the most common reasons why garage doors get stuck in the cold in McDonough, GA can help you diagnose a malfunctioning garage door and get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Here are a few of the most common reasons why garage doors won’t open in the cold:

  • Bad lubrication: One of the most common reasons why garage doors get stuck in the cold in McDonough, GA is hardened lubricant caused by freezing temperatures. Once grease has hardened, it’s best to use a solvent to remove it and apply silicone-based lubricant that won’t harden in the cold weather.
  • Track warping: Extreme temperatures can cause garage door tracks to warp, leading to ineffective closing and opening. Keep an eye out for signs of warping and contact a garage door technician if you notice visible warping that might affect garage door operation. Using a garage door with warped tracks can cause the wheels to jump the track, resulting in a falling garage door.
  • Broken springs: Garage door springs naturally wear out over time and have to be replaced, but springs are much more likely to break during the winter months. While some homeowners attempt to replace springs on their own, this can be a very dangerous project. Because of the amount of tension garage door springs are under and the risk of injury or death if they are installed improperly, it’s always best to hire a professional for spring replacement.
  • Metal contraction: Metal naturally contracts when it’s exposed to cold temperatures, and this can affect the performance of garage doors. Lubricating metal components can reduce damage from metal contraction, but it’s important to keep an eye out for problems with garage door performance. If you notice that your garage door is very slow to open or close, call a professional technician for an inspection. They can recommend repair services to get your garage door working properly again.

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