What to Do When You Lose a Garage Door Remote

Every homeowner understands the value of home security. The last thing anyone wants is to compromise their loved ones’ health and wellbeing because of a momentary lapse of memory. You wouldn’t be able to sleep calmly if you’d left your house key out in public, and the same is true of your garage door remote. In fact, a lot of homeowners in the McDonough area prefer to keep the door connecting their home and garage unlocked. They rely on their garage door remotes to get into and out of the house securely.

In a lot of ways, having a lost garage door remote in McDonough, GA is awfully similar to losing the keys to your home. If you find yourself in that predicament, here’s what to do.

In the short term

The first thing to do is look high and low for your lost garage door opener to ensure that it is, in fact, lost. If you ask your family members and enlist their help in the search, you might discover your lost opener in a perfectly logical place.

If you determine your lost garage door remote in McDonough, GA is indeed lost, the next step is to ensure the safety of your family. First, that means ensuring that everyone can get into and out of the home as needed. All garage doors have physical release catches that you can activate to bypass the remote.

The second and most important step once you’ve decided your garage door remote is lost is to change the security code on your garage. If you cannot figure out how to disable your lost garage door remote’s ability to open and close your garage, a professional should be able to help.

In the long term

Once you’ve secured your family’s safety in the short term, it’s time to think about genuinely fixing your problem. Consult with a garage door professional to find the right kind of garage door remote suited to your needs. They can lead you through a wide variety of brand-specific and universal options. Then, once you’ve found the perfect remote, they can help you set it up for use by every member of your family.

Your professional team

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