How Cracks in Your Garage Pad Can Impact Your Garage Door

You may not give a lot of thought to your garage door. After all, you likely pay more attention to your car or to the items you store in your garage. However, it’s a good idea to make a point to regularly inspect your garage pad. If it’s shifting for any reason, this can negatively affect your garage door and how it functions.

Read on to learn about what to look for and how to determine if your garage pad has shifted. If going through this list leads you to identify that your garage pad has one or more of these problems, you’ll want to contact a professional garage door service company in McDonough, GA, to make the necessary adjustments. A shifting garage pad may:

Shift the garage door’s tracks

Look closely at the area on the floor close to the garage door. This area is a prime location for cracks to show up (often because of exposure to outdoor elements, such as frost). If you do notice a crack in your garage floor, pay special attention to determine if one side of the crack is uneven. This may cause the garage door track to move out of alignment, resulting in a door that does not line up as it should.

A garage door service professional can repair the track so that it returns to a level position, ensuring that your garage door will stay in its track.

Disrupt the sensors

As part of your inspection of your garage pad, make a point to check the rollers of your garage door. If they appear worn—and particularly if they look uneven—this may mean that your garage door is not sliding properly in its track when it goes up and down.

You can also determine if you have this problem by listening for a noisy, grinding or rattling sound coming from your garage door when it’s in use. If you are able to identify this noise, it may be because the door’s rollers are uneven. The door’s rollers may also become uneven if the floor becomes cracked as a result of structural issues.

Warp the door

Your garage door and its function may also be affected if the door seems to be resting in a crooked manner and/or not closing all the way. Again, this could have occurred due to a crack in the floor, meaning that structural damage may be present.

If you notice one or more of these problems beginning to occur, be sure to address the situation before it gets worse and potentially further impacts your garage door. Contact a professional for garage door service in McDonough, GA.

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