The Best Maintenance for Your Dock Leveler in McDonough, GA

If you’re not already proactively checking the dock levelers in your facility, make sure this important task finds its way to your to-do list. By spending some time on a regular basis checking on them, you can save yourself potential headaches, drama and time down the road.

What if you do discover that your dock levelers are out of balance in McDonough, GA? You’ll want to contact a team of professionals to perform maintenance.

When a professional performs service on your dock levelers if they have gotten out of balance, they will:

  • Perform operational tests: The technician you hire will conduct a raise test. This procedure determines whether the dock leveler properly reaches its full height. If it does not, an immediate repair is in order. They will also look closely at the dock leveler’s bindings and springs to identify any adjustments that may need to be made.
  • Take a look at fluid levels: Does your dock equipment use a hydraulic system? If so, the professional you hire will confirm the fluid levels. This involves draining, flushing and changing the hydraulic oil. It’s an essential task in ensuring that your leveler continues to function smoothly with no unexpected issues.
  • Inspect the equipment for damage: Another essential task the professional you work with will perform is completing a visual inspection of your dock leveler. During this process, they will search for any signs of damage or overly worn spots. They will confirm that the welds are well-fastened, and if not, they will perform this task for you. They’ll also identify whether warning labels are still visible and legible because they contain necessary safety details that you’ll likely need on an ongoing basis.
  • Lubricate the dock levelers: The service professional you hire will check to be sure that pins, pivot points and hinge tubes are lubricated properly. If they are not, they’ll lubricate them as part of this process.
  • Clean your equipment: Your dock sees some heavy use, so regular cleaning is definitely in order. The professional you work with will perform thorough cleaning and will also share insight on what they believe are the most effective cleaning tools for your particular dock leveler. If your dock features a pit-style leveler, it accumulates even more dirt than other dock levelers. You’ll want to be sure to arrange for more frequent cleanings.

In addition to dock leveling, Affordable Dock & Door offers a variety of other dock services. We can assist you with adjustments to aid in your loading, unloading or other dock work. We also carry a wide assortment of dock equipment from top brands, including dock levelers and dock accessories. Our knowledgeable sales specialists can answer any questions you have about our dock equipment.

If your dock leveler is in need of maintenance, you simply want to establish a relationship with a professional dock leveler in McDonough, GA, in case any issues arise in the future, or you are interested in our other services or the equipment we carry, the expert team at Affordable Dock & Door is here to serve you and your company’s needs. Contact us today at 770-957-9400!

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