Keep Your Doors and Docks Maintained to Avoid Garage Door Repairs in McDonough, GA

Many people keep their businesses extremely well maintained, but when it comes to their commercial garage, they either turn a blind eye or don’t even consider its maintenance needs. But believe it or not, your garage door needs to be regularly maintained if you want to avoid costly garage door repairs in McDonough, GA.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Roll-up doors: Roll-up doors are found on both garages and docks. Anyone who uses the door should understand how to work it safely and know to avoid slamming it violently. Regular usage of these types of doors causes normal wear and tear, so it’s a good idea to have a specialist come and perform routine maintenance to avoid any major issues setting in.
  • Sensory systems: Whether your door is manual or motorized, make sure you pay extra special attention to the sensory system. This system is an added safety measure that will stop the door from closing if something or someone gets in its way. You want it to be working properly.
  • Springs: Broken springs can be extremely dangerous. Never, ever attempt to fix a broken garage door spring by yourself. Contact a trained professional whenever you have such a problem.

Don’t forget about your docks!

We are also pleased to provide preventative maintenance service for commercial and private loading docks. This machinery is absolutely essential to getting cargo into and out of facilities, making loading and unloading trucks far easier than it would otherwise be. You want to make sure it is properly functioning at all times to save you a lot of headache and a lot of expense should you suddenly need to perform major repairs or a full replacement.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind regarding loading docks:

  • Be thorough: Some loading dock issues might not appear to be large, but anything that seems to be malfunctioning could turn into a big problem over time. Check even the small components for signs of wear, especially if they have already been repaired or welded.
  • Regularly inspect fluids: All of the dock’s joints, pivots, hinges and pins should be properly lubricated to prevent damage from occurring during use.
  • Listen for noises: If you hear anything that sounds unusual, such as a clanging, banging or screeching sound, or if you feel unusual vibrations during use, make sure to schedule maintenance as soon as you can.

Every door and dock is different based on its design and frequency of usage, but across the board, all of them need proper maintenance if the owner wants to avoid potentially expensive repairs, which is why it’s important to schedule maintenance. Doors and docks should also be cleaned regularly, as clean equipment tends to last longer.

For more information about how to avoid garage door repairs in McDonough, GA, contact the team of experts at Affordable Dock & Door. We are looking forward to speaking with you about your project or maintenance needs.

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