Six Important Garage Door Safety Tips

Your garage door provides your family with countless benefits when it comes to securing your belongings and protecting your cars from the elements. But a garage door can actually be incredibly dangerous if you fail to practice the proper safety precautions. The garage door is incredibly heavy, which could cause some serious injuries or even death if it’s broken or misused.

At Affordable Dock & Door, our top priority is ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. That’s why we compiled a list of the most important garage door safety tips:

  1. Prepare for any emergencies: Locate the emergency release feature in case you need to stop the opening or closing of the garage door in a dangerous situation or before an accident occurs. Practice using the emergency stop switch so you’ll be prepared to act quickly.
  2. Inspect all moving parts: Regularly inspect any springs, cables, pulleys and rollers to ensure everything is still in working condition. Contact a garage door specialist if you notice anything that may be in need of garage door repair in McDonough, GA.
  3. Keep the garage door opener remote secure: Don’t ever let children play with the remote opener. This powerful tool should always be kept out of reach of children to avoid a serious of even fatal accident if the button is pressed at the wrong time.
  4. Test the auto-reverse function: This crucial safety precaution could mean the difference between a normal trip to the super market or a fatal accident. Perform a safety test by placing a wood board or a roll of paper towels in the path of the closing garage door. A functioning sensor will reverse the door before it reaches any object in its way. Call a garage door repair specialist if the paper towel is crushed by the door as it shuts.
  5. Don’t walk or stand under a moving garage door: Never attempt to exit the garage by running under a closing garage door. While it may seem fun at the time, it’s not worth risking a dangerous accident.
  6.  Never leave the garage door partially open: While this may seem like an easy way to keep your garage cool, keeping the garage door partially open is a major accident just waiting to happen. The garage door could suddenly close if it were to malfunction, putting anyone in its path in danger.

Keep your family safe with garage door repair in McDonough, GA

Your loved ones could be in danger if broken springs or other important safety issues are ignored. Not only are emergency repairs costly, but they could be life threatening if not performed by a quality garage door repair specialist. The professionals at Affordable Dock & Door can help you develop a preventative maintenance schedule so you’ll never have to worry about your family’s safety when it comes to your garage door. Call us today to schedule your initial appointment!

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