Learn About Hurricane Grade Garage Doors

Hurricanes are a fact of life on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, which means preparing your home for the next big storm should be at the top of your priority list. Did you know that you can buy hurricane grade, wind-resistant garage doors in McDonough, GA? They go a long way toward preserving the structural integrity of your home when the big one rolls in.

Installing wind-resistant garage doors

Depending on your exact location, your city or county might actually require you to install a garage door that can stand up to hurricane-force winds. Building codes are stricter now, and are better enforced, which ensures that local citizens are safe during catastrophic storms—without having to brace their garage doors each time a new storm develops.

Hurricanes create both positive and negative wind pressure in and around your garage, which can result in the wind ripping the door (not to mention the contents of your garage) right out of your home. Hurricane grade garage doors build these supports right into the door so you can cross one more item off your storm preparation to-do list.

All hurricane grade garage doors have a wind code rating, which tells you how much wind they can stand up to—all the way up to 150 mph winds and 81 pounds of air pressure per square foot. When selecting a new garage door, make sure to check the wind code rating and talk to your garage door contractor about whether that rating is sufficient for your area and building codes.

Factors that might affect your choice

One size does not fit all when it comes to wind-resistant garage doors in McDonough, GA. Here are the factors you’ll consider when purchasing your door.

What kind of area do you live in?

Hurricane areas in Georgia are divided into zones ranging from B to D. Zone B areas are urban and suburban areas, which have plenty of densely-packed obstructions across the land. Zone C areas have open terrain with some obstructions, widely spaced across the land. Finally, Zone D areas are those near large bodies of water (the ocean or lakes that are more than 6,000 feet across). You can expect that Zone C and D areas will face much stronger gusts of wind than Zone B areas.

Which direction does your garage face?

You’ll also need to know which direction your garage door faces—north, south, east or west—in order to determine what kind of garage door you’ll need. This is because the direction can change whether your home experiences positive (pushing the door into the garage) or negative wind pressure (ripping the garage door away).

What kind of home structure do you have?

Finally, your home size and structure will play into your garage door’s wind resistance. Two story homes typically need sturdier garage doors.

If you’re looking for wind-resistant, hurricane grade garage doors in McDonough, GA, Affordable Dock & Door can help protect you from the next big storm. Call us today to get started.

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