Why Is My Garage Door Only Going Halfway?

A garage adds both convenience and peace of mind to your life. By storing your car in your garage, you can avoid the elements before and after your commute and rest easy knowing your vehicle is safe and secure. However, those attributes go out the window if your garage door only goes down or up halfway before stopping. There are a few reasons why you may have a garage door that’s stuck partially open in McDonough, GA, and this post will explain them all:

  • An obstruction: The easiest explanation for why your garage door stops halfway when it’s going down is a blockage between the safety sensors. The sensors at the bottom of the door track automatically stop the garage door as its lowering to prevent injuries. Check to ensure nothing is in the way of the sensors and that the sensors are properly aligned.
  • Rusty or jammed parts: As you can tell by examining an opening or closing garage door, there are a bunch of moving components that must work in harmony for the garage door to function as it should. Should any of these parts get rusty or jam up, the door will either not work at all, or only do half of its job. You can prevent this issue by lubricating all moving parts of your garage door every six months or so.
  • Improper limit setting: Automatic garage doors are designed with a setting that limits the amount of force they’re allowed to exert while closing or opening. If components of the door become loose, or if the setting is tampered with, the door will stop halfway, thinking its job is done. For that reason and more, it’s crucial that you never mess with your garage door.

Don’t try to fix it yourself!

Unlike some projects around the house, garage door repairs are best left to the pros. Regardless of why you have a garage door stuck partially open in McDonough, GA, these are the reasons to call a professional instead of attempting repairs by yourself:

  • You could get hurt: The main reason to let a pro tackle the repair job is to avoid injury. On top of being heavy, garage doors have springs that could snap and cause serious injury or even death at any moment. Unlike most homeowners, a professional knows how to deal with a door’s dangerous components.
  • The problem may get worse: As with the limit setting mentioned above, even slightly tinkering with your door can make a problem worse. If you thought stopping halfway was bad, just wait until it doesn’t open or close at all!
  • Hiring a pro is more cost effective: This one sounds counterintuitive, but hiring a professional to fix your garage door from the get-go will save you money. Not only will the job be done right the first time, but a pro already has the necessary tools and parts to tackle the job.

If you have a garage door stuck partially open in McDonough, GA, call the pros at Affordable Dock & Door to fix it. From repairs to installations, we’ve been performing a variety of residential garage door services since 1994. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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