Loading Dock Leveler Maintenance


Loading docks are one of the busiest areas in any warehouse or manufacturing plant. That’s why it’s important to keep your dock equipment in top shape so it keeps up with the demands of loading and unloading goods. Here are 4 great ways to maintain your loading dock levelers: 

1. Inspect On A Regular Basis 

Loading Dock levelers are a key part of every loading dock and it’s important to ensure they function at peak performance. And this means inspecting them on a regular basis. It can seem like a small job, but neglecting your dock levelers could cause a serious safety concern that would result in major downtime and expensive repairs. During an inspection, it’s essential to be able to spot problems as early as possible so that the necessary repairs can be made. It’s also a good idea to have an experienced team of maintenance professionals working on your equipment so they can identify any potential issues before they happen. 

2. Change The Hydraulic Fluid 

For many levelers, changing the hydraulic fluid is one of the most crucial parts of maintenance. Hydraulic fluid is a lubricant that transmits energy through the system, allowing work and movement. It should be inspected regularly by technicians to ensure that it is compatible with the seals and that it has been refilled when needed. Especially for levelers that haven’t been serviced in a while, low fluid levels can cause it to malfunction. Changing the fluid also helps prevent moisture from freezing in the system’s oil reservoir, which could affect the power unit and cylinders. 

3. Inspect The Bumpers 

A good quality loader should have four inches of bumper protection. Worn, torn or missing bumpers must be replaced. When considering which bumper to install, look for a steel face loading dock bumper with a rubber buffer on top. This adds an extra layer of protection and can withstand up to four times the wear and tear of a laminated bumper. 

4. Inspect The Tracks 

Keeping the tracks on your Loading Dock leveler in good condition can ensure your safety and efficiency. If the track is worn down, it could cause an accident that can damage your business. In short, a well-maintained dock system will allow your employees to load and unload trucks efficiently and effectively. When work is done efficiently, customers are happy. And when customers are happy, your high profits will be sure to keep you happy.