Lube it on up! Understanding the Importance of Regular Garage Door Lubrication

Most people don’t realize that their garage door is actually the largest moving part of their home. It’s true: nothing else in your home that functions mechanically is bigger! And while this may be a neat fact to think about, it’s also something that should raise some questions from concerned homeowners—specifically along the lines of, “how do I keep it moving smoothly?”

With so many garage door parts in McDonough, GA responsible for keeping your door moving smoothly up and down each day, a thought must be given to lubrication. From the wheels of the door travelling along the track smoothly, to the gears within the motor itself that powers the door up and down, you’d be amazed at how many moving parts need to stay properly lubricated when it comes to your garage door! Take a look at just a few of the more important ones:

  • The first thing to do when lubricating garage door parts in McDonough, GA is to pinpoint any noisy parts that may signal the need for immediate lubrication needs. Listen closely for squeaking or squealing and address those sections first.
  • Next, pay attention to the areas of the door that are used and abused the most, and as a result have probably lost some of the lubrication that keeps them going. This includes the chain rail, stems, and hinges, metal rollers that come with ball bearings, the arm bar and the lock.
  • Finally, give some thought to the last time you lubricated other parts of the door that may not be under regular stress. Make sure to at least inspect these areas and if they’re lacking a little lube, give them a shot to tide them over to the next service or maintenance procedure you have scheduled.

Now, simply lubricating garage door parts in McDonough, GA isn’t enough—you need to know what type of lubricant to use and the proper method of application, to avoid any mishaps that can come as a result of too much or too little lubing. Always remember these tips:

  • Use a silicone-based lubricant for optimal results. Many people think that WD40 or some other household lubricant will do, but in fact, this could actually gum up the major facets of your door over time with oily residues and buildups.
  • Apply your silicone-based lubricant conservatively. When you spray it on, make sure to give the component a quick passing coat—just enough so that you can tell it has been lubricated. The lube is going to be stronger than you think and will hold up great to wear over time. Overdosing certain parts, even with a silicone-based lubricant can serve to create unwanted buildups over time.

One you have these facts engrained in your mind, you’ll be well equipped to provide one of the easiest, yet most essential services to your garage door! A little maintenance goes a long way—especially when that maintenance is centered on keeping the moving parts of your garage door operating smoothly.

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