Prepping Your Garage for a Brand New Garage Door Installation in McDonough, GA

If you’re going through the process of buying a new garage door, you’ve likely done a lot of research about what options are available to you and what will best suit your budget and aesthetic preferences. And even if you’re confident in your choice of garage door, brand and supplier, you may be overlooking one of the most critical aspects of your investment: how to prepare your home for the new garage door installation in McDonough, GA!

It’s easy to forget about what needs to be done in order to prep your home for a new garage door because it’s likely that you’re not going to be the one installing it—a licensed professional who has hands on experience and a depth of knowledge will almost invariably be charged with the smooth removal of your old door and installation of your new one. But, just because you won’t be a part of the direct installation process doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you should be considering when it comes to prepping your home for the new door.

Take a look at some of the steps you should be taking to make sure that you’re nice and ready for a new garage door installation in McDonough, GA:

  • Be sure that your vehicles are all parked on the street. Moving them out of the garage is a necessity before a new door can be installed and your installation professional is going to almost certainly need driveway space to prep the new door. If you can’t park on the street, ask a neighbor if you can use their driveway for an afternoon.
  • Move all loose materials away from the door and the tracks, so that they can be appropriately addressed by a professional. Loose items can pose hazardous to works as they constantly move around your garage and could become obstacles if they need to be worked around or moved.
  • If you have shelving or boxes stacked near the outer wall of your garage, remove them for the time being—installation professionals will likely need to get into those spaces and storage options make it nearly impossible.
  • Make sure that your garage is isolated from any kids or pets during the duration of the installation job. This means making sure that the door to the home is closed to prevent any pets from wandering in and that any children are educated about the dangers of an active workspace ahead of time.

Taking the time to make sure that your garage is prepped for a new garage door installation and that you’ve taken a safe and thorough approach to readying your space for the job ahead will ensure a smoother transition to a new door. Moreover, you’ll also notice that work can begin quicker, will be done quicker and the finished product will be of an exceptional quality.

For more tips on how to prep your garage for the new door ahead, speak to your installation contractor today—they’ll have specific tips on how to make sure that you’re ready when the time comes.

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