Five Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener in McDonough, CA

Nothing is more frustrating than finding yourself locked out of your house after a long day at work because the garage door fails to open. While it may seem impossible to fix—forcing you to wait for a repair specialist—garage door openers are actually incredibly simple. The mechanics behind it are very basic, which can be both good and bad. This means the openers are easy to operate, but can also be quite dangerous if something were to go wrong.

This is why It may be smart to consider your garage door opener before you’re trapped inside your home, especially for older models. Not only do newer models tend to be safer, they are also more secure. Here are five reasons to consider replacing your garage door opener in McDonough, CA:


An old garage door is essentially a welcome mat to thieves. Any criminal could easily make their way into your home with a remote control opener from the local hardware store. Older models are operated with a fixed code. This means that anyone could just drive through your neighborhood pressing the button until a garage door with a matching code opens, essentially giving them full access to your home and loved ones.

Newer models are automatically equipped with a rolling code, which limits unwanted access because the code is changed with every use. Keep crime out of your home just by upgrading to a newer garage door opener.


Call a professional today if your current garage door opener is more than two decades old. Newer models are required to have a safety reversing mechanism. This important safety tool features two sensors on both sides of your garage door. The door will immediately stop closing if anything, such as a child, disrupts the light beam that “connects” the two sensors. This simple precaution could save a life. Replace your garage door opener today if it is not equipped with a safety reversing mechanism.

Reduce noise

Do you often find yourself waking up every time the garage door opens or closes in the middle of the night? Then a new garage door opener may be a great investment when it comes to your sleep. Older garage door opener models used a chain drive to open and close the door. While effective, this dated opening mechanism can become quite noisy with regular usage and age. Many of the new options on the market, such as a screw drive or belt drive, are significantly more quiet by design. Save your sleep by installing a new garage door opener.

No keys

Entrusting your child with a remote to open the garage door could be dangerous. Anyone could have access to your home if they were to lose the device. Newer models rely on keypad entry, essentially eliminating the need for remote openers. Your child will easily be able to punch in a short numerical code to gain entry. More high-tech models eliminate the need for a code entirely, instead relying on a simple fingerprint to open the door. Not only is this key-free option easy on your family members, it also reduces the possibly of unwanted intruders.

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