The Difference Between Hydraulic and Air Powered Dock Levelers in McDonough, GA

With a loading dock, productivity and safety are the top priorities. In order to achieve both of these goals, there are a variety of different dock leveler options that facility operators can choose from. While the range of options in the industry can benefit facility managers in a lot of ways, it can be challenging to decide between all of these options and choose the dock leveler that’s best for your needs.

The two basic types of dock levelers are hydraulic powered and air powered dock levelers in McDonough, GA. Understanding the differences between these two systems can help you make the right choice for your loading facility.

Hydraulic vs. air powered dock levelers

Hydraulic and air powered dock levelers have very similar structures, although their operational mechanisms are different. Hydraulic dock levelers are activated using a push button control, which starts an electric motor that utilizes a hydraulic cylinder to raise the dock leveler platform. There is a second hydraulic cylinder that’s responsible for extending the lip assembly into the appropriate position during use. The leveler lowers into position on the truck bed automatically after the operator releases the control button. Decades ago, hydraulic dock levelers were the only alternative to mechanical versions. Today, hydraulic dock levelers are still one of the three most popular types of dock leveler in the industry.

Air powered dock levelers, meanwhile, are also activated by a push button control, but the platform is raised by an air bladder that’s inflated with a pneumatic blower. The lip is powered by a mechanical assembly that extends it out and into position over the truck bed. Once the operator releases the activation button, the leveler drops into position. Since these dock levelers are adjusted using an air bladder and a pneumatic blower, there aren’t any messy hydraulic fluids to clean up or leaky connections to deal with.

Air powered dock levelers tend to cost less than hydraulic dock levelers, which makes them appealing for smaller businesses that need to keep their equipment costs low. However, hydraulic dock levelers can be less expensive in the long run, since they tend to be lower maintenance than air powered dock levelers.

The right kind of dock leveler in McDonough, GA for you depends on your specific needs, preferences and priorities. At the end of the day, both air powered and hydraulic dock levelers can offer outstanding performance and durability for years to come. While there are different cost and maintenance considerations to take into account, both systems offer notable benefits for loading facilities.

Invest in a dock leveler in McDonough, GA

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