What You Need to Know About Your Edge of Dock Leveler

An edge of dock leveler is designed to bridge the gap between the edge of your loading area and trucks or ramps. These levelers are attached to the loading dock and are designed to offer convenient use and easy positioning. While these levelers can be incredibly useful, many users misunderstand these devices and aren’t able to enjoy the maximum benefits that they can offer. By understanding a little bit more about your dock leveler in McDonough, GA, you can ensure that you’re using it safely and effectively for your dock:

  • You can select from various leveler widths: End of dock levelers come in standard widths of 72 inches and 66 inches. With a 72-inch width, you can enjoy additional versatility and flexibility with your leveler. However, 66 inches is the most popular width for end of dock levelers.
  • End of dock levelers are designed for performance: Even though an end of dock leveler is a more cost-effective dock leveler option, it is still designed with performance in mind. An end of dock leveler is secured to your dock through channels in your concrete and has the capacity to hold standard loads of up to 35,000 pounds.
  • Specific loading conditions are necessary: End of dock levelers have a narrow service range of just two inches above or below the dock due to their short ramps. This means that end of dock levelers should only be used if there is little to no difference between the height of the truck and the height of the dock.
  • It’s important to use pallet carts with caution: While end of dock levelers allow a two-inch difference between the dock and the truck, even this slight difference is too much if you’re using a manual pallet cart. The dock and the trailer should always be the same height if you’re using a manual pallet cart to move the load.
  • You can choose between mechanical and hydraulic activation systems: With a mechanical activation system, the user pulls the ramp and the lip into position. With a hydraulic activation system, the user pushes a button to raise the lip and then releases the button once the ramp is fully extended.
  • Proper care and maintenance are essential: End of dock levelers are designed for durability and performance, but they won’t last forever. It’s important that you invest in regular maintenance from a professional to ensure that all of your leveler’s components are in good working order. It’s also important for you to adhere to usage recommendations so that your dock leveler isn’t put under any undue stress or pressure that could cause excessive wear and tear.

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