What to Do When Your Garage Door Track Is Bent

Throughout your garage door’s lifespan of 20 years or so, it will undoubtedly see one of its tracks bent. It’s only natural—not only do garage doors deal with repeated movement and serious amounts of weight on a daily basis, but a lot of potentially damaging activity goes on in the garage. The garage is where hammers swing, it’s where cars and bicycles roll to a stop and it’s where all your heaviest equipment is stored and moved around. Life happens in the garage, and sometimes it can happen to the tracks on your garage door.

If you’re worried about bent garage door tracks in McDonough, GA, read on for some tips on how to handle this issue.

Why your tracks are bent

In addition to straightforward collisions, there are several reasons related to the performance of your garage door’s individual parts that could lead to a bent garage door track in McDonough, GA:

  • If dirt and grit are allowed to accumulate, they can obstruct the performance of one side of your door, leading to off-kilter movement that bends the tracks.
  • The cables that move your garage door up and down can also contribute to bent tracks. If one cable is damaged, for example, you may see one side doing more work than usual to move the door up and down. This could lead to an uneven weight load that bends your tracks.

The best strategy you can employ to ensure your garage door tracks remain on the straight and narrow is to keep them free of dirt and debris. What’s more, they require occasional inspection on your part to ensure the individual components that make up your garage door remain in good shape.

Don’t replace or repair tracks yourself

If you have a slight bend in your tracks, you might be tempted to take a tack hammer and sort the issue out on your own. Do not succumb to that temptation. If you exert too little pressure, you’ll end up with the same problem as before. Exert too much, and you could do irreparable damage to your garage door track.

Your garage door is a much more complicated mechanism than you might believe. What’s more, the reason for your bent tracks could run deeper than just an improperly curved piece of metal. A professional can assess your entire garage door system to ensure that whatever fix is implemented is the one that will last.

Come to the pros

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